Elements Lab

UX/UI Design · Figma Prototyping


Design and create an interactive, digital product to teach a chosen audience about the elements of the periodic table.


For this project, I chose to create a product for children aged 8-10, that would teach them about the elements of the periodic table. My first step in the process was to consider the most important factors of this task: the audience, the brand and the content.

I started with a mind map to begin to understand my audience; what they would want and need from my app, and how I needed to treat the content in order to meet those wants and needs. I decided to create my prototype for tablet format, as my research taught me that this is the most popular device used by my target audience's age range.


To further understand my audience and their wants and needs, I conducted lots of desk research: exploring how I can design to best cater to my specific audience. This involved considering their core needs regarding the product and any potential pain points they may face.


I started the creation process by building the brand to surround my prototype. I chose the name 'Elements Lab' so that the purpose of the brand was immediately clear. Next, I set about creating a mascot for the brand and the app itself. During my research, I learned that providing a mascot, particularly for a younger audience, can give a sense of companionship and make the experience more interactive.


To make the product as fun and interactive as possible, I sketched and created a series illustrations to accompany the scientific information the app would be providing. I recreated the mascot in a few different versions, then designed the backgrounds.


The finished product of this project is an illustrated, colourful app that allows for fun learning of the periodic table elements. This project taught me a lot about considering the wants and needs of a user when designing an app experience: how I could tailor the app and contents to a specific audience, and present information to them in way that is enjoyable and easy to understand.

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